R.T. Hinkel

Guru Snare Drum


This is a collection of 350+ high quality samples of a custom made, one-off snare. Heavily muffled to lean into a snappy and thumpy timbre, perfect for funk and other pocket players.

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Professionally recorded with a Neumann U87 positioned on top, and a Neumann KM84 on bottom through a modified RME AD/DA, you’ll get nearly 400 samples at 44.1kHz, 24bit in .WAV format neatly zipped into a compressed archive.

All single hit articulations come in varying velocities— from slight taps to full-blown-elbow-above-the-head-thwacks.

You’ll get:

  • 73 Single Hits
  • 136 Ghost Notes
  • 105 Flams
  • 7 Double Strokes
  • 41 Rolls
  • 32 Cross Sticks

Add to cart - $5

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