My Equipment

A list of all of the equipment I use. Capitalism at its finest!

Occasionally I’ll get asked about what equipment I use for audio and music shenanigans. Instead of going through my whole setup each time, I decided to make a compilation of lists. If you’re interested,

Home Studio Equipment

A pretty tame setup; an RME rackmount audio interface, Yamaha monitors and sub, OLLO S4X headphones, a class A preamp/DI and a reactive loadbox for guitar. I also use a few MiniDSP products for room and speaker correction.

Most of my efforts were spent in getting clean power– power condtioners for the important equipment and 2 dedicated 20A circuits feeding my small home studio.


On-stage usually makes quality products, so I use a lot of their stuff for my desk. Their frames are sturdy and mod-able, and look pretty good too.

Also included are my acoustic panels of choice as well as the power conditioners I mounted.

Desktop PC

A basic Mini-ITX build. Nothing fancy here at all minus the peripherals. Since I’m not typically recording with microphones, I opted for an air-cooled build.

Video Equipment

I haven’t gotten too far into the video aspect of things, but I do like nice clean footage. I use a mirrorless Sony mounted on a friction arm to my desk. I capture using a Camlink 4k into OBS.