My Homelab Setup

Server Networking Homelab

This post is a work in progress, as I’m constantly changing and upgrading parts.

Here’s the basic layout I’m intending on using once my home network upgrade is finally done. Two separate wireless networks keeps all the mobile devices in an isolated environment, while also letting me use groups within PiHole to block mobile specific ads.

graph LR 1[(Modem)] === 2[Router
pfSense] 2 --- 3{Wireless AP} 2 -- IPMI --- 4[Server] 2 --- 5[Desktop] 2 --- 6[Switch] 3 -.- 7[WLAN 1] 3 -.- 8[WLAN 2]


MotherboardSuperMicro X9SCM-F
PSUSuperMicro PWS-341P-1R
CPUXeon E3-1270
Memory64GB — PC3-14900 DDR3
SSD Cache1 x Crucial MX500 250GB
SSD VM Images1 x Crucial MX500 1TB

Drive Configuration

graph TD C{SATA Drives} --- mb1[(EXSI 6.5)] C --- mb2[(Images)] C --- mb3[(Cache)]
graph TD A{ZFS Group 1} --- s1[(Storage 1)] A --- s2[(Storage 2)] A --- s3[(Storage 3)] A --- s4[(Storage 4)]


I started a custom router project mainly as a way to learn more about networking. I started researching the topic a few months ago, and within the last couple weeks I started my build using a few spare parts I had laying around. A few parts, such as the network adapter, I had to purchase specifically for the project, but it was worth it.

The only downside to this board is the lack of IPMI, but it’s not a make or break situation for me.

OSFreeBSD (pfSense)
MotherboardSuperMicro X7SPA-H
CPUIntel® Atom™ D510
Memory8GB DDR2

Currently, the routing is as follows: The uplink and wireless accesspoint use the two onboard ports, while my desktop PC, server and RPI use the 3 of the 4 adapter ports. The 4th port goes to an unmanaged switch, feeding a printer and a few gaming devices.

Network Devices

I’m still testing out different modems– I got a great deal on my current model, the CODA-45. The chipset used for this particular model isn’t exactly praised, so I may be switching over to a TC4400 in the future.

ModemHitron CODA-45 (Testing)
Wireless APTP-Link EAP245 V3 AC1750
PatchbayTripp-lite N252-P24


I plan on upgrading to a rack mounted UPS in the near future, but my current configuration seems to work just fine.

Surge SupressorFurman M-8x2
UPS (Large)CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD
UPS (Small)APC BN4001