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May 14, 2021

New photography section and other pipeline functions.

Electrical work has been crazy over the last 2 weeks— a few 200A services, a 30+ ft. trench and some pretty hectic troubleshooting. This is how I justify my lack of productivity lately! 😅

I’m hoping to have the next Q&A up this week— as I have quite some time off from electrical work and plan on finishing a bunch of projects.

Photography Section

So I finally got around to adding a dedicated photography section! I’m still working on pagination, but it’s exactly how I’ve always wanted; drop in whatever photos I like right into a folder and bob’s your uncle. No <img>‘ing, no listing resources, nothin’.

By setting “**.jpg” as the scraping wildcard, any files matching that criteria automatically get added. Using HUGOs range function with "Exif.Tags.DateTime" "desc", I can list each picture chronologically regardless of what camera used.

Using HUGOs image processing functions, I can scale the image down in size and quality after extracting EXIF information and insert it into the page with a hyperlink to the original fullsized file.

Using Apollo One on MacOS, I can edit the metadata for each Photo and add a title and comments— the “copy to folder” function is really nice, as I can keep my HUGO photo directory favorited, and moving each photo is incredibly easy.

100% SCSS Pipelining

I finally got around to successfully pipelining all of my stylesheets into a single CSS file— my next step is to conditionally load each scss file on an as needed basis. (Also looking into cached partials— it’s pretty dope!)

After that is JS pipelining, but I’m still not there yet.

What even is this section

I’ve been thinking the news section is more or less the project log for this website. Or my life. I’m not sure. What even is a website? 🤔

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Last modified: May 14, 2021

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