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Form issue resolved


Apr 28, 2021

Issue regarding form submissions; everything's been fixed.

For whatever reason, the build command I had set wasn’t working properly— adding –minify solved the issue. Full build command:

hugo --gc --minify

Question & Answer #3 will be up next week, but feel free to submit questions for the next one.

✅ Sample pack sale is still going on until May 1st, each pack is only $1. Or, subscribe to the mailing list to get a full 100% off code.

ℹ️ Lastly, I just finished up the beginning leg of an iPod Photo (4th Gen) restoration— flash modded and upgraded battery. Looking forward to documenting the full saga from craigslist find to its final modded form.

iPod Photo 4th Gen

First bit will be getting it back to normal and restoring the original OS. Restoring a “classic” iPod in Big Sur is definitely interesting without iTunes, so that’ll be interesting to present as well.

Rockbox Monochrome Theme

Afterwards, I’ve got a Rockbox thing planned. Look at that beautiful monochrome theme. *chef kiss*

Until then,


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Last modified: May 11, 2021

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