R.T. Hinkel

New Boot Goofin'


Original composition written, performed & recorded by R.T. Hinkel in February and March 2021.

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Song Info

  • Key: D Maj
  • BPM: 126


  • Microphones:

    • Audix F15
    • AKG C414
  • Instruments:

    • G&L ASAT Classic
    • Fender 1957 Precision Bass
    • 1940’s Dickerson Player Lap Steel
    • Porkpie Snare
    • Istanbul Agop Cymbal
  • Other Equipment:

    • Modified RME Fireface UFX
    • 1974 Fender Twin Reverb
    • Noble Preamp & EQ
    • TwoNotes Captor (Loadbox)
    • Empress Superdelay
    • Meinl Sleigh Bells


New Boot Goofin - Spectrogram

Mic Placement

Acoustic Guitar

  • Audix F15 - Neck (3-4")
  • AKG C414 - Body (3-4") - HPF, Cardiod

Snare Drum

  • AKG C414 - Top (5-6") HPF, Cardiod

Ride Cymbal

  • Audix F15 - Edge (5-6")
  • AKG C414 - Mid-Bell (3-4")

Song Structure

  • Intro - Lap Steel
  • Verse 1 - “Plucky Lead”
  • Chorus 1 - “Eyebrows”, Ride
  • Verse 2 - “Plucky Lead”
  • Chorus 2 - “Winter Island Solo”
  • Outro - Lap Steel Solo

Production Techniques

Double Tracking

  • Lead Guitar - Verse 1 & 2

Two similar guitar parts were recorded on top of one another about an octave apart and treated as a single track.

Voice Pairing

  • Lead Guitar, Music Box - Chorus 1
  • Mandolin, Accordion - Chorus 2

Complementary yet opposing instruments are paired up to share the same melody, inspiration taken from Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa (Acoustic Guitar/Wah & Flute solo).

Master Tape 50% Speed

  • Lead Guitar - Chorus 1

While recording, entire project rate is slowed to 50% (0.5 in REAPER). Recorded parts have increased pitch and rate when project rate is returned to normal, simulating a “Les Paul” effect.

Guitars must be recorded dry (DI) at 50% speed, then reamped at normal speeds. Higher project sample rates are helpful, as more data helps the stretching algorithms sound less distorted.

Dynamic Stereo Placement

  • Lap Steel - Intro, Chorus 2

As the Lap Steel exits the intro, its stereo placement moves towards the “Plucky” lead to guide the listener towards it.

When the Lap Steel enters chorus 2, its stereo placement reflects its accompanying role by placing it to the left, then shifts to the middle once the solo begins.

Project Information

  • Audio: REAPER
  • Video editing: REAPER
  • Video recording: OBS
  • Fonts Used: font1 font2
  • Camera: Sony Alpha

Notes: This was my first project where both components (audio, video) were tracked, edited, mixed and mastered all within the same session file. I opted not to use the sub-project feature within REAPER for unknown reasons.

While recording with OBS, I found it useful to feed the main outs from my DAW (AN1/2) as well as the click track to track 1 of the video, and the direct instrument outs from my DAW to track 2+. This way, I can retain the full performance with audio if necessary. REAPER only provides access to the first audio track currently, so recovering the isolated performances will require a video player capable of selecting audio tracks. I used the click track to sync the video clips to the audio tracks within the project.

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